Lockers, Valueables and Storage


We provide a locker for every pupil in the school. There is sufficient space for their books, equipment and, in winter, a coat. At the beginning of the school year, the lockers and keys are allocated by the form teacher. Pupils are expected to keep their lockers locked! There is a charge of £8.00 for replacement keys to be cut.

Pupils should not ask teachers to look after belongings – these should be stowed in their lockers. Valuable items should not be brought to school.

School & Personal Property

Necessary textbooks and other equipment are loaned to pupils, who are responsible for their proper use and care.  Their rapidly increasing cost is a heavy but necessary strain on our limited finances.  Therefore, in cases of damage to school property or losses through irresponsibility, parents may be asked to pay for replacements or necessary repairs.

Radios, computer games, designer tracksuits, and other expensive items must not be brought to school.  Games, toys, collectables and cards should not be taken to school.


We have two incoming lines; along with   a general administrative email address ( There is normally someone available to answer calls from 8.15am to 4.30pm. Before and after that, telephones are switched onto the night service answer phone.

Please also remember that it is unlikely that teachers would be available to talk to you during the school day (they are teaching!).

In emergencies or where contact with parents is for reasons beyond their control, children may use the school telephone, free of charge,

No one can deny the positive benefits of children communicating freely with each other. Using a mobile phone to talk or text message a friend is simply one way of doing this, using new technology.  Many parents are in favour too and like the reassurance of knowing their child can be safer and more independent if they have a mobile phone.  At Harrold Priory, we do permit students to bring a mobile phone to school, however, it must be stored securely in a locker at the beginning of the school day. It is not to be used during the school day under any circumstances and will be confiscated if used inappropriately. The school cannot accept any responsibility for loss of mobile phones.