Lost Property

Unfortunately, this can be a headache for both you and us! The major problem that maintains our high levels of lost property is un-named clothing! If there is a name in it and we find it, we have no problem in getting the article back to its owner. Much unnecessary anxiety and false accusation of theft arises simply from children’s careless use of the property and lack of name labelling. Please, name your child’s clothing and property. Lost PE clothing should be reported as soon as possible to the PE staff.

Without a name, the garment will be placed in the lost property cupboard. We keep lost property for 3 months and then find them a new home. If not claimed by the end of term, items will be donated to a local charity. That includes designer clothing and trainers, some of which we know can cost up to £100.

Money, named watches and valuable pens etc. must not be left about school, but when this is unavoidable they are to be handed to a member of staff for safe keeping.  Money brought in to school at the school’s request is always collected during registration or placed in the white box. We ask parents to talk to their children about the importance of ensuring that all money or valuables are handed in for safe keeping or locked in their lockers (all pupils are provided with a locker).  Because of the large number of children and adults using the premises we cannot accept responsibility for the loss of valuables, though reasonable precautions will be taken to safeguard personal property.