SAF welcomes the news that the borough is supporting transfer at 11

The children of north Bedfordshire deserve the very best education provision.   If this is to be delivered, strong and coherent planning is required across the schooling system.  The Headteachers and Chairs of Governing Bodies of the nineteen schools in north Bedfordshire warmly welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively on plans that will ensure local children receive the very best education.  In a meeting on Thursday 9th July at Sharnbrook Upper School, the north Bedfordshire schools unanimously and swiftly agreed to work together on a co-ordinated plan for the future.  Bedford Borough Council's willingness to support schools seeking to change to a two-tier, primary/secondary model is appreciated, so too its continuing efforts to maintain and improve standards.  School leaders will now jointly consult with one another and with key stakeholders - including the Borough Council and the Diocese - in order to develop a plan that will benefit local children for years to come.  An update with further information will be provided in September.