Staff Structure

Leadership Team
Denning Iain Mr Executive Head Teacher
Mrs L Benson Acting Head of School, Safeguarding
Mr S Seaman Assistant Head Teacher, Leader of History (RE)
Chandler L Mrs School Secretary and Admissions
Wildman P Mr Director of PA and Leader of English
Middle Leadership Team
Atkins G Mr Leader of PSHE, Head of House A and D
Hobbs R Mrs Head of KS3, Leader of Science
Bull E Mrs Leader of DT
Ismay N Mrs Leader of FT
Rees M Mr Leader of Music, Performing Arts, Head of House C and T
Rowley S Mr Leader of PE 
Smith A Ms Leader of Pupil Voice, Leader of Art
Manley D Mr Leader of KS2 Maths, Head of House L and U
Whitmore L Miss Head of KS2, First Aid
General Teaching Staff
Cooke D Mrs Teacher of PE and Dance
Walsh P Miss Teacher of English
Barr E Mrs Teacher of Maths
Allen L Mr Teacher of Geography       Mentored by Mrs Cooke
Wildman S Mrs Teacher of English
Cochrane M Mrs Primary teacher
Girardi F Miss Teacher of English              Mentored by Mr Atkins
Kaplan C Miss Primary teacher
McCartney I Mr Teacher of Maths
Lee L Ms Teacher of French and Spanish
Teaching Assistants
Just H Mrs Safeguarding, Attendance, Pupil Support
Gulley D Mrs Teaching Assistant
Robinson L Mrs Teaching Assistant
Pritchard L Mrs Teaching Assistant
Bennett E Mrs Teaching Assistant
Lloyd-Jones J Mrs Teaching Assistant
Testa A Miss Teaching Assistant
Pidgeon J Mrs Teaching Assistant
White M Mrs   Receptionist, First Aid
Holliman S Mrs Administrator/Finance, Personnel and First Aid
Carline L Mrs Catering Manager
Giles P Mrs General Kitchen Assistant
Latham S Mrs General Kitchen Assistant
Curriculum Support
Bowman J Mrs Cover Supervisor
Burr W Mrs Science Technician
Towsey S Mrs Librarian
Steele A Mr Site Agent
Midday Supervisors
Ellis S Mrs Midday Supervisor and First Aid
Oborne J Mrs Midday Supervisor  
Earl D Mrs Midday Supervisor